Cinema 4D Octane Light´s

Simple Octane Lightkit

cinema4d octane lightkit

Octane Lightkit Description:
This is a simple and easy to use Cinema 4D Octane Lightsetup. We have a Area/Shape light, a Spotligt with OpenGL Viewport visualisation, a Sunlight, a HdriSky and a Seamless floor setup. For each light/Setup are all settings in one tab. You have Solo/Unsolo buttons for each light. And you have also the C4D Lightning tool buttons in the tab. You can move lights, target lights and set specular lights. We think this is very useful for product shots or car shots.

Some features:

Octane Lightkit Screenschots and examples:
Icon´s for UI integration:
c4d octane Icon

Settings Arealight:
c4d octane arealight

Settings Spotlight:
c4d octane spotlight

Settings Sunlight:
c4d octane Sunlight

Settings HdriSky:
c4d octane HdriSky

Settings SeamlessFloor:
c4d octane Seamless floor
seamless floor examples SeamlessFloor produkt
SeamlessFloor car

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